Clearing Out the Hoard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Emails You Just Got

Clearing Out the Hoard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Emails You Just Got

Thanksgiving week transforms the everyday inbox into a warzone. Users find themselves dodging Black Friday promotions, shooting down Cyber Monday ads, and catapulting Giving Tuesday emails into the trash folder. By December 1st, most of us are thankful that the holiday is over. Here’s a few tips for tackling all those shopping holiday emails that just bombarded your inbox!

Phrase-Specific Deleting
Some users play a digital game of Whack-a-Mole with their inbox; they rapid-fire delete holiday promotions the moment they appear on the screen. The most straightforward way to tackle those holiday emails is to divide and conquer. Typing terms such as “Black Friday, “Cyber Monday,” and “deals,” into your email search bar, and then mass-deleting these phrase-specific messages can quickly refresh your inbox. You can also sort your emails by date, and dispose of unwanted emails you received during the week of Black Friday. The holiday season reveals just how many stores and businesses have your information on file–and most of the time, we hardly remember providing it.

Time to Unsubscribe
The Thanksgiving week ad apocalypse is the perfect time to unsubscribe from unwanted senders. Maybe it’s been years since you’ve shopped at a certain store, or ordered from a particular website. As you delete unwanted messages and promotions, unsubscribe as you go. This can help prevent future inbox clutter, as some companies are known to pump out several emails a day. Unsubscribing from bothersome senders is a great way to refresh your inbox, and create a digital workspace that caters to your current interests and pursuits.

Let Mailstrom and Chuck Lend a Hand
While the aforementioned tips are undeniably worth the trouble, they can be time-consuming and tedious. Instead of spending your own time fighting off unwanted senders, let Mailstrom and Chuck do the heavy lifting. With just a few clicks, our platforms can clear out thousands of emails in mere minutes. Both have simple unsubscribe options that allow you to opt-out of sending lists in one click. You’re in control of your data and messages. You can delete, archive, and unsubscribe as you see fit–Mailstrom and Chuck are just the secret weapons that speed up the process.

How We Can Prevent Future Clutter
Using Mailstrom and Chuck can protect your inbox from next year’s flood of holiday emails. You can establish rules, so the platforms automatically organize and archive anything with a certain subject line. These emails already take up so much space in your inbox–don’t let the deleting process take up more of your time. Next year, the endless email notifications on your screen will be no more. Mailstrom and Chuck help organize your inbox, so it once again becomes a productive digital workspace.

As Black Friday approaches, it feels like you have to batten down the hatches and brave the email storm. Mailstrom and Chuck are here to help. Check out our services here to protect your inbox from next year’s round of ads.