Eliminate Clutter for the New Year

    As the saying goes, new year, new you! As we descend into the cold winter months, staying inside more and more, clutter can quickly become a suffocating force in day-to-day life. Clearing clutter for the new year is a laudable New Year’s Resolution. Here are just a few of the areas when clearing out the cruft can leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on 2023.

    Living Spaces
    The spaces you spend most of your time in are prime candidates for decluttering. By removing unnecessary items, you can leave your space feeling fresh, and more conducive towards relaxation after a long day. After a time of receiving gifts, January can be a time of getting rid of those added items that serve no purpose but taking up space.  This doesn’t mean that you must become a minimalist. Rather, the possessions you do have should add to your life instead of subtracting from it.

    Desktops can get cluttered fast. It’s far too easy to save files and shortcuts to the desktop where they’re easily accessible – at first. Over time, the amount of “stuff” on the desktop can become overwhelming. User interface solutions can help to remove icons from the desktop entirely and force you to sort your files and shortcuts into better organized folders. Additionally, programs like Active Directory can be organizational lifesavers, presenting the shell in a way that’s easier to understand and navigate than a traditional file explorer.

    Just like decluttering your living space can help you to relax, decluttering your office can help you stay productive. Low visual interest in the environment forces the brain to focus on the task at hand. Eliminating clutter from your workspace can help eliminate clutter in your mind.

    One of the most popular forms of digital clutter is email. In an ideal world, the inbox should reflect the priorities of each user. Organization and prioritization are key to responsible email management. Removing clutter from your life can leave you feeling refreshed and motivated.

    Mailstrom and Chuck are two software solutions that help you take control of your email inboxes, assigning priority to emails, separating them into convenient groups, and so much more. They are the ultimate email decluttering solution. They can even help you to clear years of email clutter quickly through intelligent prioritization and deletion. In addition, they can help you to mass unsubscribe from troublesome mass mailers that may have led to the clutter in the first place. Contact us today to find out more about how these services can help you to supercharge your digital life through decluttering going into 2023 and beyond.

    Mailstrom Team

    Mailstrom Team

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