Fall is the Perfect Time to Reset Your Email Management Routines

    Why is Fall the Perfect Time?
    The seasons are changing, as they always do. As August turns to September, the blistering heat of summer begins to fade. The nights come just that little bit earlier, and the weather, while still pleasant, is just that little bit cooler. It’s a liminal time – one of transition.

    The craziness of the summer is over. No longer are you out to every social event that you can think of; your mind spinning at what you’ll do next. Fall is a time of peace and quiet, before everything ramps up once again in the lead up to the holiday season. It’s a time during the year when relatively few demands are being made of you. And unlike the post New Year’s rush, it’s a perfect time to change things in your life that aren’t working for you.

    Start New Habits
    Fall is the perfect time to start new habits. A study in 2009 concluded that it takes about 66 days to form a new automatic behavior. If you start building better email management routines during the fall, you will most likely be prepared and organized once the busy holiday season starts.

    1. Action your emails once you read them – No longer need the email? Get yourself in the habit of deleting or archiving the email once it’s read. This will clear up your inbox for the important emails to be seen and will also give you better storage on your devices.
    2. Set up automation replies to give you more time to fully respond to your emails – Let people know that you will respond in the next 3-4 hours or at the most 24 hours. This will let them know you will respond in a timely manner and will take the pressure off of you to respond right away.
    3. Take a few minutes a day to unsubscribe from unwanted email senders – This is the best way to clear up your email inbox. Instead of scrolling through many unwanted emails, you will be able to easily deal with the emails you want to see, giving you back your time to spend on more important things.

    Most people answer emails as soon as they get them, showing a lack of healthy boundary keeping, and let all their emails pile up in one disorganized mess – which can lead to annoyance at best, or losing vital information at worst. Just like everyone knows that the leaves falling to the ground now will come back in due course, you should take this time to reset your email management habits and come out of the season a better, more effective person.

    Mailstrom is a powerful email management tool that helps put the control of your inbox back in your hands. From mass unsubscribing to mailers, to organization, to automatic responses when you’re not available, Mailstrom does it all. What are you waiting for? Cozy up with a warm, pumpkin flavored drink and give us a try today!

    Mailstrom Team

    Mailstrom Team

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