Here’s How Mailstrom Can Help Your Team Work from Home

    The new working-from-home world has made email a more important resource than ever before. Even when employees only work from home a couple of days a week, any lapse in communication can be detrimental to overall productivity and project completion. Here are just a few ways that Mailstrom can help you, and your team, take control of your email and use it as a tool to leverage work from home productivity rather than have it work against you.

    Puts You in Control with Smart Email Detection

    Mailstrom is one of the few email inbox cleaners out there that combines both artificial and human intelligence. A common complaint about many “smart” email cleaners is that they blindly guess which emails might be related and treat them all the same. Mailstrom is different. We know that a human’s second look can make all the difference between throwing away spam and important emails, and easily retrieving what’s important. Our smart email detection tool groups related emails together, but ultimately leaves the decision up to the user on what to do with them.


    Every person is different, and no two employees will manage their emails in the same way. What may work for one person may not work for another, and one size fits all approaches are known to harm productivity. Nowhere is this truer than in the work from home environment, where flexibility is the main draw. Mailstrom gives employees the power to organize their emails as they see fit, without interference.

    Compatible with Many Email Providers

    Different organizations use different email providers, and Mailstrom is compatible with most of them. We enable you to make use of our tools to maximize work from home productivity whether you’re using Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, or even a custom domain name.

    Privacy Protection

    Privacy is important, and nowhere is this truer than in a work from home set up where different networks are all coordinating at the same time. We use IMAP and Oauth2 to ensure that your data stays secure, no matter where your employees are. You never need to worry about an email related data breach from our service.

    Free to try!

    Unlike many tools on the market right now, Mailstrom is free to try. If you’ve been struggling to leverage email as a tool for working from home, you can try out our service – absolutely risk free. Find out today how we can help supercharge your work from home employee’s inboxes and turn them into a powerful tool for productivity rather than a hindrance.

    Mailstrom Team

    Mailstrom Team

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