Simple Tricks to Declutter Your Inbox and Achieve Inbox Zero

    Clutter can be a huge source of stress. While some people may be able to ignore the piles and go about their day, that isn’t everyone. For some of us, the mere presence of detritus in our lives can be an incredible distraction that prevents us from working at peak efficiency. This doesn’t just apply to our physical environment either; digital clutter can be just as destructive to productivity. And no other space in the digital realm is more likely to get needlessly cluttered than the email inbox.

    What Is Inbox Zero?

    Inbox zero doesn’t refer to emptying the email inbox. Rather, it refers to using your inbox as a strategic tool. The goal isn’t to have zero emails, it’s to have emails that are important to you, with zero clutter to take up needed space.

    When you act on important emails as they come in, you can help prevent the problem of a pile up at its source. If your time permits, it’s easy to shoot back a simple reply, or even “star” the email as important for later when your schedule is clear. Then, when you have the time, you can sort your inbox for these important emails and respond to them easily rather than looking for them through a deluge of others.

    Categorize Emails

    In the same vein, categorizing your emails by sender and level of importance can help you to quickly ascertain what’s important, and what isn’t. Checking emails by category can help make your inbox feel much less overwhelming, and help you find what you want even faster.

    Unsubscribe from What You Don’t Use

    It seems like every single website these days wants you to sign up for its mailing list. It’s easy to check off a box without thinking about it too hard, but these newsletters can add up – fast. Let’s face it: most of these newsletters go unread and go straight into your spam or trash folders. Unsubscribing from them, and not signing up anymore, can be a massive help when it comes to decluttering your inbox.

    Use Mailstrom to Manage Your Emails

    Programs like Mailstrom can help you to do all the above, and more. Every feature listed above is present in this powerful email management tool, and more. With smart email detection, a fantastic categorization system, and compatibility with most email inboxes, you can’t go wrong with using Mailstrom to clear up your digital life. Give it a try today and achieve inbox zero!

    Mailstrom Team

    Mailstrom Team

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