Spring Cleaning your Email Inbox

    Spring is the time of decluttering and cleaning, and this applies to your inbox too! While you’re busy spring cleaning your physical environment, it’s important to pay some attention to your digital one as well. It’s a great way to start the season off fresh and tidy. Here are just a few ways you can clear the winter cruft today.

    Unsubscribe from unwanted emails

    It seems like every website these days comes with a “inform me of new events from this product of service” option, conveniently (or not) already checked off in hopes that you won’t notice. Unfortunately, not everyone does notice, and these newsletters can so quickly come to overwhelm an inbox as to render them useless. Unsubscribing from these unwanted emails is a great way to clear things up and bring some breathing room back into your emails.

    Create folders and labels

    Folders and labels can be a great way to better organize your inbox. While some inboxes will come with basic labeling such as “primary”, “social”, or “commercial”, this is often broad. With labels that you make, you can assign emails to the places where you think they should go, and thus ensure that you see them rather than have them become buried.

    Archive or delete old emails

    Emails build up over time. By archiving or deleting old emails that no longer serve a purpose, you clear up space for new ones that may be more important. Archiving is a feature that allows you to remove an email from your inbox without deleting it, taking away any indecision that may come with the process. It really is a springtime no-brainer.

    Use filters to automate sorting

    Filters can be a great way to automate your email sorting. They’re easy to set up and manage. These can include marking all emails from certain senders as a high priority or even sending all emails containing specific keywords to their own folder. The springtime sky is the limit.

    Schedule regular inbox-cleaning sessions

    Once the hard part is done with the big spring clean, a little bit of maintenance truly does go a long way. By scheduling a small amount of time to clean your email weekly or monthly you can help to ensure that your inbox doesn’t get back into the dire state that it was. That alone can bring about a huge piece of mind and make your digital spring that much more enjoyable.

    While all these tips are great, the even better part is that Mailstrom can help you automate all of them and more! Our powerful email management tool uses AI integration and user awareness to put you in control of your inbox. See what possibilities are out there this spring and give us a try today!

    Mailstrom Team

    Mailstrom Team

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