Tips For Cleaning Up Your Inbox

    Email has become a simple fact of life, almost as indispensable as letter writing was to the Victorians. On an average day, much like our ancestors, you can send and receive dozens of emails – and receive just as much junk mail at the same time. As anyone with an email account can tell you, it can quickly become overwhelming. So much so in fact, that some people may go as far as to make numerous email addresses just so that all the junk can be collated somewhere that isn’t the same place where they may otherwise receive vital correspondence.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can both enjoy the benefits of signing up for new services and avoid the annoyances of a cluttered beyond belief inbox by just following a few key, simple steps.

    To begin, whenever you sign up for a new online service, it’s inevitable that you’ll be asked a certain question on the sign up information form. That being, “Do you consent to receive promotional emails from XYZ service” or some permutation thereof? The box is often checked by default, and left very small and hard for the average person to notice, especially when they’re in a rush. On its own, it might be a minor if not slightly grating issue to occasionally receive such emails. The problem though is the fact that they tend to add up, and before you know it your inbox is inundated with spam emails that you never wanted anything to do with in the first place. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure in this case. If you can simply avoid checking off the consent for these subscriptions to begin with, you can cut down substantially on the unwanted junk email that you’ll receive in the future.

    This helps little with the mounds of junk email already cluttering up your inbox though, and that’s where services such as Mailstrom and Chuck come in. These applications are powerful and intelligent inbox cleaners. Their smart technology scans your inbox for important information, spam, and unwanted mailers, variously moving them to your important folder, the trash, the spam folder, and unsubscribing you from mailing lists as it deems necessary. You can even set the parameters of the app to keep subscriptions that you actually enjoy. The technology goes even further than that, providing you with powerful analytic tools that help you to take control of your digital life and email habits.

    Cleaning up your inbox with these tools not only allows you to take back your inbox and save room for what matters, but it also serves to protect your privacy by taking back your data from advertisers who never had any business having it.

    Mailstrom Team

    Mailstrom Team

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