Top Benefits and Methods of Spring Cleaning

Taking time to organize your life isn't just a good idea — it can make you healthier, too!

Top Benefits and Methods of Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung and it’s that time of year to refresh and organize your space! Easier said than done, right? Well, when you consider the positive effects of spring cleaning, you’ll want to experience them for yourself and your health. So, keep reading because we’ll give you a quick breakdown of the benefits and methods of spring cleaning.

Reasons to organize and renew your space

Spring cleaning offers a host of benefits that improve your life and health. Not only is the cleanup process liberating, but it also serves as a positive distraction – like that familiar satisfaction you get after decluttering your home.

A tidy environment promotes lower stress levels and a general feeling of wellness because everything is organized in its place for easy access. Here are some reasons that may motivate you to spring clean and organize your house:

Supports your immune system

Cleaning house is good for a healthy immune system and helps prevent illness while relieving seasonal allergies. Allergens like pollen, dust, pet dander, and mold are present throughout our homes. Spring is the perfect time to open the windows and air out your space so you can breathe easier and reduce germs. It’s a good practice to scrub all the nooks and crannies where dust builds up. Wipe down surfaces and window sills, deep clean your floors, wash bedding and pillows, and vacuum behind furniture to disinfect and remove allergens from your house.

Improves focus & productivity

Holding on to stuff you don’t need can decrease focus and productivity. The more disorganized your environment is, the harder it is to access things you do need to complete tasks. Additionally, clutter is distracting and similar to emotional baggage since you need to let it go, so you can make progress and feel more positive. Clearing your space and mind saves time by helping you focus, make decisions, and be more productive because you’ll accomplish things quicker. You can elevate the potential of your space by removing eyesores like piles of mail and making it more functional and relaxing.

Promotes healthy habits

Cleaning and organizing your home has many therapeutic benefits for physical and mental health. Moving through rooms, decluttering, and reorganizing keeps you active and can motivate you to adopt healthier habits. One study noted that orderly environments influence healthy food choices. Plus, a tidy home improves mood, sleep quality, reduces risk of injuries, and keeps pests at bay. Some cleaning methods to follow include cleaning your fridge, frequent trash removal, vacuuming and organizing cabinets, and disinfecting high traffic surfaces and areas. So, declutter and get rid of things that don’t fit your lifestyle to see and feel a true change in your environment and health.

Don’t forget about your digital spaces! Decluttering your inbox with Mailstrom and Chuck is a great method of spring cleaning that helps you organize your day. With a cleaner home, you’ll get a fresh start and find that peace of mind every day.