What Is Email Management, and How Does It Work?

What is email management, and what are the best practices? Read this guide to learn about effective strategies, tools, and tips to keep your inbox safe.

What Is Email Management, and How Does It Work?

There are 4 billion email users worldwide, making emails one of the most effective marketing techniques since old-school ads. But when your inbox numbers start hiking up, it's easy to get overwhelmed and possibly miss out on some crucial information.

Email management is a form of digital organization that people often skip. It's just an inbox, what does it matter? However, learning email management is the key to having an organized workflow. You'll find yourself missing vital deadlines, lacking proper communication, and overall feeling a lack of focus if you keep your email as dysfunctional as it is.

Do your peers know you as a worker with thousands of undeleted or unchecked emails? Are you running a small business and feeling overwhelmed by the nonstop marketing in your inbox? Regardless of your situation, email management is a skill all digitally savvy people should learn!

Continue reading to learn the basics of email management and how it benefits you to reduce your worries!

What Is Email Management?

Email management involves organizing and decluttering the steady stream of emails entering your inbox. It can also teach you how to manage spam or junk emails that become a hassle when you're working.

If you're working for a business, email management is more than just decluttering; it becomes a job itself. Instead, email management is the systematic quality and quantity control of messages received to and from your business.

Thus, emails are your main form of communication. Having an overflowing inbox is a quick way for your boss to question your organizational skills. If you tend to leave your emails unchecked, it's time you get to know the term email management a bit better!

Why Should You Learn Email Management?

There is nothing worse than handling hundreds of emails when you first log in to work; it seems like there is no place to start or end. Learning email management will reduce the overwhelming factor of emails, as well as make your work-life more at ease.

Email anxiety occurs when one begins to feel stressed when engaging with their inbox. This can involve simply logging in to an endless maze of conversations, or becoming scared at the thought of replying to all these messages.

Nonetheless, email anxiety can be greatly reduced by learning email management. By having more organization, you'll be able to approach your emails one at a time; you can take your time and feel as though you're placing effort into each reading and response.

As you can see, learning email management makes work-life easier and improves any anxieties you may have about digital communication.

How to Manage Your Email: 10 Simple Tips

Managing your email is no easy task, especially if you are already thousands of messages deep into email clutter. Luckily, these simple tips should help you clear your mind, and inbox, faster than you think.

1. Don't Rush, Take It Slow

It's tempting to try to delete every single email that comes your way, but it's important that you don't do this. Email management is a job and with any job, it will stress you out.

Instead, delete and organize your emails daily. You don't want to accidentally delete vital information, so you should start managing when you're in a calm mindset. Try organizing while you're listening to music or watching television. It'll quickly become a hobby you get used to!

2. Time Management

Email and time management go hand-in-hand; you never want to spend your entire day stressing through emails, just as you shouldn't spend your day trying to manage them either.

Every job comes to an end, so dedicate certain periods that you will organize your email. Maybe structure off an hour or two for clean-up, and then take a break. This will reduce how overwhelming emails can be by allowing you some breathing time.

3. Manage, But From Your Phone

You may think it's proper to handle emails on your work computer, but email managing becomes ten times easier from a hand-held device. Emails that are full of spam, advertisements, or marketing scams are deleted just by a swipe of your thumb.

You'll be able to quickly read and delete emails while on the go, too. When you're at a cafe, grocery store, or even visiting relatives, you'll be able to manage emails in as quick as one minute.

4. Get Email Templates

Email templates are when you curate an automated response to certain emails.

For example, some emails require a repetitive response, such as a thank you note or a request for a meeting. Using an email template will save you from trying to formulate a proper response; you'll already have one prepared!

Email templates are helpful because they promote brand consistency and, of course, save time! You'll be able to quickly copy and paste your response in seconds.

5. Unsubscribe From Senders

Unsubscribing from spam and junk emails can take your inbox from thousands to hundreds. Unfortunately, up to 85% of all emails are spam, so you must click these unsubscribe buttons.

If the unsubscribe button isn't available, consider forwarding these messages to your junk folder or utilizing the block button. Your email settings will allow you to tag specific senders as spam, which helps make sure your inbox stays clear.

6. Create Specific Folders

The key to organization is having specific places for specific things, and this includes your emails. Section off emails according to their content and importance. This will not only help reduce the bulk email but also help you familiarize yourself with typical email content.

7. Don't Aim for Inbox Zero

Every person aspires to get to inbox zero, but the reality is, without email management software, this is a daunting task. Aiming for inbox zero may cause you to impulsively skim and delete emails that could be important. Instead, it's best to invest in bulk email software that can assist in deleting your emails properly.

8.  No Reply Is a Reply

Some people will send an email over anything, which can unnecessarily hike up your inbox for no reason. You'll find that even at your workplace, people would rather send you an email asking a question, rather than approaching you instead.

For the emails that seem redundant or can be answered by simply reviewing a handbook, leave them be. No reply is a reply, after all!

9. Don't Get Lazy

It's easy to get burnt out from email management, but the second you stop, the second things get hectic again. Integrate email management into your daily routine for the best results. Organization should be a common skill in your life. The sooner you adjust, the easier it will be.

10. Don't Get Stressed

We know how stressful it can be to handle an overflowing inbox; take a break from the nonstop digital conversations, and breathe. If you have emails you can discuss in person, try to approach your co-workers and answer their concerns, then. Sometimes it is nice to step away from the computer and have some human interaction.

When in Doubt, Get Email Management Software

Email management software can make clearing up your inbox a breeze. With a trustworthy company, you'll be at inbox zero without the stress and numb fingers.

For example, Mailstrom is an email management company that amplifies your human intelligence. It organizes bundles of emails so you'll be able to navigate through them efficiently. With bundles numbering emails sent at night or day, or even counting the messages you've removed, you'll be able to manage emails within seconds.

With a subscription, you can organize up to 20 email accounts, as well as have them automated to delete messages after the expiration date. You'll have a helping hand in your inboxes at all times!

However, make sure you are placing your account in the hands of a trustworthy company. Mailstrom does not share or use your data, we only organize it. You don't even need to submit a credit card to reap the benefits.

Organizing emails becomes a walk in the park with email management tools. Place your faith in a secure web-based email client and see your worries fade.

Clean Up Your Inbox Today!

Don't be known as the worker whose email is always overflowing and dysfunctional. Start by following these few simple email management tips to get your inbox to a reasonable number. If it gets too overwhelming, consider investing in an email management software such as Mailstrom.

Interested in having a helping hand? Let us know and we can get your emails organized within seconds.