3 Cleanup and Organization Tips

    Disorganization is distressing. When things are out of place, it can distract and overwhelm the best of us. In fact, one survey noted 48.5 percent of participants reported that clutter increased their stress levels.

    If the spring cleaning fairy came and went, and you’re looking for ideas to keep your space clean and organized – you’re in the right place! In this post you’ll find cleanup and organization tips to help you maintain the harmony of a tidy home. Keep reading to discover how you can declutter and organize your environment for good.

    Getting started
    Start by identifying the items you can part with and determine why you’re hanging onto various stuff around your house. If something doesn’t have a real purpose or add value to your life and environment, then it’s just clutter. For everything else, designate a storage place, so you can find items when you need to.

    Try these tips to get your cleanup and organization project underway:

    Declutter one room at a time
    Begin with common areas that contain the most clutter and work your way from room-to-room. Set goals for what you want to accomplish in each space and a timeline for completion. For example, cleaning and organizing your kitchen might take one day or a weekend, depending on size.

    Clear off all flat surfaces, then purge items, and relocate things that don’t belong. Get rid of anything that doesn’t work properly, is old and worn, you haven’t used for several months, and duplicate items. Consider donating the remaining items, or having a yard sale. Afterward, organize your belongings by placing them in designated areas and keeping similar things together (storage racks and drawer/shelf dividers are great for this).

    Practice sensible storage
    Implement an organization system that fits your lifestyle and activities. Ensure your belongings are only stored in the space where you use them – that way they’re easy to find and put away, preventing unnecessary clutter. Obviously, toiletries are kept in the bathroom and books should have shelves in whichever room you prefer to read. Relocate and store seasonal items when necessary. Make use of the space under your bed for organized storage solutions. Try using storage bins, baskets, space-saving bags, drawer organizers, and labels to give your possessions a sensible storage place.

    Follow the one in, one out rule

    For every new item you get, make sure to toss out or donate one. This reduces clutter and keeps your home organized. Also, be intentional with your purchases – if you don’t need something or have a place for it, then don’t buy it and create more clutter. With that in mind, spend 10 minutes every day tidying up one room and putting things back where they belong. Adopting this mindset helps you develop practical habits to keep your home clean while reducing stress.

    Staying neat and organized helps you be present and lead a productive life. You can start now by organizing your inbox and see immediate and satisfying results!

    Mailstrom Team

    Mailstrom Team

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