5 Tips for Better Project Management

Here are some easy tips that any project manager, whether they’re new to the role or a veteran!

5 Tips for Better Project Management

Project management is the key to getting large tasks done efficiently, to the best of your team’s ability, and on time. Here are some easy tips that any project manager, whether they’re new to the role or a veteran of many decades, can use to better manage their team and achieve peak productivity.

Create a Schedule
Creating a schedule is one of the best ways to set expectations – not only with your clients, but also with your team. The schedule allows workers to daily assess whether or not their work is meeting the associated milestones on time. It allows a project manager to catch any potential problems early before they derail the project.

Break Big Tasks Down
Large tasks can seem intimidating, making it unclear where to start. When big tasks are broken down into smaller steps though, even a large-scale project can start to feel much more manageable. Proactively breaking the project down into smaller steps at the beginning can help keep your team from feeling overwhelmed.

Focus On One Task at a Time
Just like it’s important to break large tasks down into smaller chucks, it’s also vital that employees be encouraged to work on one task at a time. When you work on multiple tasks at once, it’s easy to lose track of what you’re doing, or deliver otherwise inconsistent work. Focusing on one task at a time helps to keep a team consistent and on mission.

Pace Yourself and Your Team
Crunch time can very easily lead to burnout, and as a result, should be used very sparingly if at all. Your team should work at a pace which balances speed and their comfort. As a result, schedules should be made with this tip kept firmly in mind. Pushing employees to far too fast can only lead to burnout, and burnout can only lead to reduced productivity – exactly the opposite of what any good project manager wants.

Prioritize Good Communication Through Email Management
Everyone knows that most meetings these days could be summed up with simple emails. That’s why good email management practices are so vital to good project management. Mailstrom and Chuck are two software solutions that help employees and project managers alike take control of their email inboxes, assigning priority to emails, separating them into convenient groups, and so much more. Contact us today to find out more about how these unique services can augment the project management workflow.