Full Gmail Storage? Here’s What You Can Do to Free Space

You just realized your Gmail storage is full. Don't stress. Click here to read the best tips to free space and prevent this in the future.

Full Gmail Storage? Here’s What You Can Do to Free Space

You start another busy Monday morning by opening your email and seeing the now all-too-familiar warning that your Gmail storage is almost full. Blast! You've been ignoring it for weeks, but the situation is getting dire.

What's more, your work emails are competing for space with photos and videos of your family's last vacation. You're constantly on the go, you're pressed for time, but the emails keep coming. Immediate action is required.

A cluttered inbox and data cloud can make your life disorganized, chaotic, and stressful. In turn, you may struggle to keep up to date with what's important for your work life and your personal life; aspects of both lives may go missing or may not be received.

Luckily, there are numerous steps you can take to check and clear your Gmail storage so that you can keep living and working in peace. Keep reading to learn more!

Check Your Clutter and Organize

How to check Gmail storage? Well, you may think that your Gmail account holds up to 15 GB for free, but it's actually your Google account that does so. This means that your Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Photos, and everything else is coming together into a 15 GB space.

It could be that your emails are taking up a small portion of your total storage. You can check what is actually cluttering your Google by utilizing Google One, which has countless benefits.

You can see what's taking up all that space right away. Even if your Gmail is the real problem, your Google storage is all connected.

Sorting out the cause of your storage clog is where the real organizing begins. From here, you can begin to take steps to enjoy declutter benefits like reduced stress.

Use Multiple Emails or a Cloud

One of the best things you can do is keep your personal and professional lives separate. Have a Gmail account for your work life and emails; keep another one for photos and videos of your friends and family.

Alternatively, if you do have some old emails, photos, or videos you want to hang on to, there's no reason why you can't forward them to a junk account. Find an already-existing email you have or start an entirely new one specifically for storing old media.

Or, since that email address also stands to become filled with too much media, you can easily set up a cloud service to work as a storage unit for all your needs. You can make use of an app such as Dropbox to store things if you want to avoid keeping track of too many email addresses.

After that, you'll be free to delete any and all nonessential items to free up more space in your primary work account.

Delete Old Emails

Deleting emails could potentially be a long and tiring task, but it certainly doesn't need to be! The benefit of this simple option is that you can clear as much or as little of your storage as you like at your own pace.

This is especially useful if the bulk of your clutter is in fact coming from emails. If this is so, check how long ago you received your oldest emails, and see if it's possible to delete a good chunk of them. Chances are you don't need a batch of emails from 2012 in 2022.

Find your oldest messages, or "conversations" in Gmail speak, by clicking on the numbers next to the seeking arrows in the upper right-hand corner ("1-50 of 1,975," for example) and then click "Oldest." You'll immediately be shown the oldest emails in your inbox.

After that, you're free to choose which emails to delete! Remember, even if your emails are taking up a small portion of your storage, every megabyte counts. Don't discount deleting old emails if you're desperate for space!

Pay for More Space

15 free GB is all well and good until you really do reach the point when you can't cut down anymore. While the above options are free of charge, it might be time to start throwing money at your clutter problem.

Google has you covered and offers plenty of options at various rates for more storage, whether you're looking for 100 GB of extra space or 30 TB. Check out the best space and payment plan for you by visiting your Google profile. An affordable monthly plan may be your ticket to a little peace of mind!

Use a Specialized Service to Clean Gmail Storage

Additionally, there are businesses out there that can help you take care of all of your decluttering needs. Mailstrom is one service you can use to clean your Gmail storage in a matter of a few clicks.

Mailstrom offers a free trial and comes with three payment plans. Mailstrom also helps you unsubscribe from unwanted websites and newsletters, further cleaning out your inbox.

You can also use Chuck, designed for mobile use, to declutter your Gmail.

Is All of This Worth It?

Yes! A full Gmail storage is a problem, especially in your professional life; decluttering and cleaning it up is the best solution.

Paying for more space or deleting unnecessary emails will ensure that nothing in your day-to-day life goes missing. Your photos and videos will continue to upload to your cloud, and you will continue to receive important emails.

All in all, a cleared Gmail helps you keep track of where all of your files are and in turn keeps your more organized and free of needless stress. It's easy to take action, so get started today!

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