How to Clean Up Your Digital Life

    Spring cleaning extends beyond just cleaning up your home. It can also include cleaning up your digital life! Nothing is better than feeling like you’re in control of your digital life, from having your files organized to your storage space freed up on your computer. Here are our ten tips and tricks for cleaning up your digital life.

    1. Unsubscribe from those emails you never read: You don’t need them cluttering your inbox. Go through your emails and start unsubscribing from those ones you never read. You’ll feel a lot better about checking your inbox because of it.
    2. Uninstall any software you don’t use: Free up storage on your computer or phone by deleting any software you aren’t using anymore.
    3. Clean out your inbox: This can feel intimidating, but trust us, once you do it, you’ll feel so much better. If you have thousands upon thousands of emails, maybe don’t try to tackle this task all at once. Set aside some time each day to delete just a few.
    4. Delete items in your downloads folder: Did you know that items in your downloads folder are taking up storage on your computer? Consider clearing out the items you no longer need to free up some storage space.
    5. Delete apps you aren’t using on your phone: Just like software you don’t use, get rid of those apps you don’t use. No need for them to take up precious storage space on your computer or phone.
    6. Label and organize your files: You know how sometimes you might download a file and never name it? Let’s start naming them and organizing them into proper folders. This way, you can always find what you’re looking for.
    7. Go through your photos: Delete the ones you don’t need and consider printing the ones you want to keep as memories, so that you can delete them from your phone and free up storage space.
    8. Utilize a password manager service: Maybe you have a book of passwords, or you are a little less organized and try to just remember your passwords for each account you have. It’s time to invest in a password manager software to keep your passwords in one, secure place.
    9. Clean up your social media: This comes with two parts. First, consider cleaning up any old posts that you might not want live on social media anymore. Second, consider cleaning up any accounts you no longer want to follow. Nothing is worse than following accounts that don’t bring you joy.
    10. Organize your home screen: Don’t just leave random documents floating around on your desktop! Clean up your home screen for peace of mind.

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    Mailstrom Team

    Mailstrom Team

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