Staying Ahead of Your Emails While Traveling: The Benefits of Using Chuck

Travel can lead to a tsunami of email — let Chuck help you stay ahead!

Staying Ahead of Your Emails While Traveling: The Benefits of Using Chuck

When you’re traveling, whether for work or for pleasure, it can be difficult to stay on top of your emails and sift through what you need to reply to and what you can delete. You may be inclined to just ignore your emails altogether. However, you certainly do not want to return to a messy inbox after your travels, as this can be stressful.

That’s where Chuck - the fastest way to quickly clean up your inbox - comes in. There is no need to put off managing your emails when you have Chuck on your side. From removing messages in bulk, to managing your email subscriptions, Chuck is a tool you won’t want to miss out on.

Read on to learn more about Chuck’s features and how we can help you stay ahead of your emails while traveling.

Remove messages in bulk
Chuck allows you to remove messages in bulk by grouping messages by various categories. For example, news subscriptions may be lumped into one category. Either read or mass delete this category, depending on your priorities. You can also manage sets of messages at once. Filter through all the noise by looking directly at what you need to see and ignoring and deleting what you don’t.

Whether you’re sitting in the car or you’re at the airport waiting for your flight, all it takes is a simple click to remove a group of messages so that you can have clarity in your inbox.

Manage your subscriptions
With Chuck, you are able to sort your messages by sender and find all mailing lists easily. Need to stay on top of emails from your boss while on a work trip? Sort your messages by sender so that you can keep on top of these messages. You’re able to unsubscribe from everything else that you don’t need with just one tap.

When traveling, it is important to be able to sort your messages by sender to ensure you aren’t missing important emails from important people. It’s also great to be able to unsubscribe from unimportant mailing lists during down periods of your travel itinerary, to ensure your inbox is looking clean.

Manage all your inboxes in one place
When traveling, it can be tedious to manage both your personal and work inboxes. What if you could manage them both in one place? With Chuck, you can add inboxes from the most popular email providers in a few quick steps. Using a custom mailbox? You can set up an IMAP mailbox just as easily.

Take control of your inbox while traveling with Chuck. And the best part? Chuck is free to use! Give it a try, and then upgrade to Chuck Pro to use it with all your accounts, and unlock all the Pro features!