When Should You Declutter Your Inbox?

Here are some tips for keeping that inbox badge under control!

When Should You Declutter Your Inbox?

Some of us are indifferent to that “99+” notification, and others can’t stand a single unread email tainting their squeaky-clean inbox. Regardless of your organization preferences, occasionally decluttering your emails improves both your productivity and motivation. Here are a handful of times and occasions to tidy up your inbox!

After a Busy Week
On a Friday afternoon, you’re likely daydreaming about melting into your couch and recharging your batteries. Clearing out your inbox after a taxing week could help clear your mind as well. When our homes and workspaces are free of clutter, we’re more inclined to pursue our projects with quickness, determination, and optimism. Disposing of any non-essential or pestering emails declutters your digital workspace and provides a much-needed mental reset for your upcoming week.

On a Scheduled Basis
To ensure that your inbox remains consistently organized, it might be helpful to clear your emails on a scheduled basis. Your “decluttering calendar” can complement your work or school schedule, and help you stay productive and organized as you tackle your projects. You may want to schedule your declutter on a weekly, monthly, or biannual basis, depending on your preferences and timetables. This method might be beneficial to those with an overactive inbox!

Every Day
If you’re an organization guru, this could be the method for you! Decluttering your inbox on a daily basis allows you to stay on top of your correspondences and projects, without any organizational mishaps. You can jump into each workday with a clean digital slate; the lack of clutter will increase both your productivity and your optimism. This approach is also great for those who receive dozens of daily emails. You’ll never have to see that dreaded double or triple-digit notification atop your email icon!

After a Trip
Hopefully, your vacation was somewhat restful, and you’re equipped with a rejuvenated mind and body to dive back into your projects. Decluttering your email inbox after returning from a trip allows your digital workspace to feel as fresh as your mindset. One unread email notification alone is enough to spur stress and anxiety. Tidying up your inbox after a vacation can help you revisit and tackle your upcoming projects more optimistically.

New Year’s Day
Let’s be honest — nobody really sticks to their New Year’s resolutions. But, decluttering your inbox only requires a little bit of time, and a little bit of finger movement. You’re already brainstorming spring cleaning plans for your home, so why not organize your emails in the meantime? Kickstarting the new year with a decluttered digital workspace can set a precedent for the months to come. A freshly cleared inbox can positively impact your mindset, and invoke optimistic feelings for the new year.

A messy office or workspace can significantly obstruct your focus and productivity. A cluttered email inbox can produce the same effect. Scheduling a time to organize your emails can improve your motivation and enthusiasm for tackling future projects!