Why Should You Clear Out Your Emails?

Why Should You Clear Out Your Emails?

These days, emails pile up faster than users can delete them. For some users, thousands of unread messages accumulate before they’re able to tackle their digital clutter. Every email user‒even those indifferent to unread notifications‒can benefit from regularly decluttering their inbox. After all, orderly digital workspaces are key to tackling assignments, projects, internal communications, and more. Below are 4 reasons why clearing out emails is important for productivity and organization!

Discarding Spam and Junk Mail
Dodging phishing emails and suspicious links has become a routine 21st century chore. Regularly deleting those stockpiled spam emails prevents users from accidentally clicking on dangerous links, and downloading malware onto their devices. Inbox clean-ups are also opportunities to unsubscribe from unwanted senders and email lists. Seemingly everyone with an email address is bombarded with daily notifications from countless companies and franchises. Withdrawing from undesired email lists reduces future inbox clutter and helps maintain organization.

Preserving a Device’s Speed and Memory
Phones, computers, and tablets are constantly juggling thousands of megabytes to cache for their users’ convenience. Emails, especially those containing attachments, absorb a significant volume of space and storage on these devices. On some email platforms, users are unable to receive new messages once they’ve exceeded the data limit. Clearing out unnecessary messages and files frees up a device’s internal memory, which noticeably improves its speed and efficiency. This provides more space for downloading new apps, and storing new photos and videos.

Improving Inbox Usability
Shuffling through an overloaded inbox to locate a specific message or attachment is a major headache. Routinely decluttering email inboxes significantly improves their accessibility. Hunting down a desired file is quicker, simpler, and hassle-free with an organized inbox. Regular clean-ups help maintain future organization, and provide an opportunity to categorize contacts, projects, classes, and more. They also reduce the risk of losing important information or files, and accidentally missing deadlines or appointments. Decluttered inboxes are beneficial for students, teachers, employees, and managers alike.

Increasing Productivity and Motivation
Many people find it difficult to focus on their work when their homes or offices are in disarray. Nowadays, most school and work projects are conducted online, so digital workspaces should be as user-friendly as their physical counterparts. Online learning and business is already an uphill battle; messaging and social media apps are just a click away, and it can be tempting to procrastinate a project with a YouTube video marathon. Working with an orderly inbox greatly improves productivity, and even reduces anxiety in regards to tackling extensive projects. Email clutter and haphazard organization can aggravate feelings of stress, and even intimidation. Performing routine inbox clean-ups is essential to preserving productivity and motivation.

People typically don’t hoard stacks of paid bills, expired coupons, or old letters on their desks or countertops. So, why store boatloads of junk mail in an email inbox? With so many schools and businesses moving online, maintaining an organized digital workspace is crucial to productivity and success. Clearing out unnecessary emails provides a much-needed physical and mental reset.