Tired of Spam Emails? Discover How to Eliminate Them Here

Are you tired of your inbox constantly being flooded with spam emails? Discover how to eliminate them and prevent future ones here.

Tired of Spam Emails? Discover How to Eliminate Them Here

Do you hate using email? It's a handy, convenient tool, but dealing with it can be taxing.

If you have an office job, it's not uncommon to receive at least ten emails a day. If you're in a managerial role or do specialized work, this number can become much higher.

If you have a personal email account, store offers, petitions, and social media updates can fill up your inbox. Spam email is so prevalent that the emails you need can get lost in your inbox.

Thankfully, there are ways to prevent spam emails and rid your inbox of these annoying messages. Here are some methods on how to get rid of spam emails.

Mark as Spam

Marking emails as spam is one of the simplest ways to prevent them and clear them from your inbox.

Most email services contain algorithms that filter out spam emails from your inbox. There are specific words in the subject line that activate your email's spam filter. However, there are times when spam email can fall through the cracks and end up in your inbox.

Instead of deleting it, mark it as spam. Each provider has a different way of doing this, but they all have one. Marking an email as spam sends it to the spam folder.

If you receive more emails from the same address, they will get sent to the spam folder.

Leave Spam Alone

It's simple to tell that an email is a spam email from the subject line. The less you interact with spam, the better.

Doing as little as opening a spam email can alert the sender that your account is active. Replying and clicking links in the email will do the same, which will lead the sender to send you more.

Read the subject line before opening an email, and if it is spam, mark it as spam.

Hackers that send spam want their targets to interact with it. The purpose of spam is to get unsuspecting people to grant hackers access to their computers, personal information, or extort money. Hackers are ever-evolving, and their methods evolve too.

Spam emails can look like your regular emails, which may lead you to open one. If you open one and then realize it's spam, don't click on any links in the email. The purpose of these links is to download malware to your computer that will allow hackers access to your computer.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid any emails from senders that you don't recognize.

If you have a lot of spam emails in your inbox, you can clear it out with your iPhone or iPad by using an app called Chuck.

Unsubscribe From Mailing Lists

Not all spam that you receive comes from hackers vying for your personal information. Spam can also come from businesses in the form of announcements or newsletters.

Many businesses buy email addresses from other businesses. They also use programs to search the internet for them.

Businesses use mailing lists to send mass emails to their recipients. The emails you receive should have the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list. If you click the hyperlink, it will remove your email from the mailing list and end those spam emails.

Use a Third-Party Spam Filter

Your email provider should have a spam filter incorporated within their system. These filters should send most spam to the spam folder, but some emails still get through. You can curtail the rest of these emails by using a third-party spam filter.

High-quality spam filters should protect your account against malware threats, cyber-attacks, spam, and other undesirable content. There are many different spam filters available; find one that suits your needs. One app you can try is Mailstrom, which has spam filters and will also clean your inbox.

Use an Alternate Email Address

If you shop online, there are times when businesses will ask for your email address. Sometimes, it's unavoidable, or you forget to specify that you don't want to receive emails. A simple way to get around this is to supply another email address.

Use an old email address and never think about spam again. Another option is creating an email address just for these circumstances.

Block the Sender

All email platforms allow their users to block the email address of people. This method is a more permanent solution to spam emails.

When viewing an email, there should be an option to block the sender. Every platform has a different way to access this feature, but it shouldn't be too hard to find. It's also best left for promotions and newsletters from companies.

Since it requires opening the email, a hacker may gain access to your information if you try this with their emails.

Be Careful When Giving Out Your Email

It's a good idea to use discretion when you give out your email. Businesses that offer freebies and deals in exchange for your email can send you emails at any time. The business' website will store your email address.

Other businesses can offer to buy your email address. This results in spam emails from sources that you've never visited. Before you decide to provide your email to one of these businesses, decide if the benefit is worth it.

Organize Your Email With Mailstrom

Email is a necessity in today's world, but there are risks that you need to remember. You need to protect your data and be cautious when you receive emails from senders you don't know. Spam email is everywhere and hackers use it to gain access to your data.

There are many different ways to avoid spam, purge it from your inbox, or reroute it to another account. Third-party apps can provide a second layer of protection to filter spam from your inbox.

Mailstrom provides multiple price options for the level of protection that you desire. Mailstrom protects your account and keeps your inbox clean. If you would like to learn more about this service, visit our FAQ section on our site.